Friday, September 3, 2010

Christian Mystery Books - Learning Through Suspense

The days when Christian literature was met with raised eyebrows by the critics are over. Today, Christian books are no longer considered "boring" or "too religious", as most Christian writers have made a point to make their works equally appealing as most mainstream books. In order to do this, most Christian authors have taken the step to adapt contemporary styles of writing. And among the most successful new age books of this type to be released for the public are Christian mystery books.

Christian mystery books may pose the misconception of not being to thrill enough because they are rather spiritual, but that is not true at all.. These two types of books have the same elements: they have a well-founded plot, a mind-bogging setting, relatable but questionable characters, surprising turn-out of events, and the suspenseful ambiance of the entire book that will keep readers eager to read on. Then again, there is still one specific thing that parts typical mystery books from Christian mystery books, and it is the context of spirituality.

Then again, most people would immediately jump to the conclusion that "religious context" points out to the Bible directly. In the past, anything that has something to do with religion or Christianity in particular is not even close to interesting. But Christian mystery books seem to have performed a great streak, because they are supported even by non-Christians now.

Perhaps what really upholds these mystery books is that they are written for Christian purposes and not for the common wants. Unlike most mainstream fictions that we encounter, Christian books are written to channel important life messages only by means of stories. Whereas, for most mystery books, their main purpose is to amaze the public and gather praises for the author's writing skills and styles.

But the thing about most Christian mystery books is that they're just as great, if not greater, than a lot of suspense and thrills works published today. Their religious context is even among the factors that enhances their plots and twists. Trust me, even the non-Christian supporters of these Christian mystery book are growing by the minute.

There are so many Christian writer who never stop to give their creative talents for Christian literature, just like world-renowned Don Brown. And because of these writers continuous contribution, people of today's generation find it easier to find God. Who ever stated that you can't mix the qualities of a good adventure book with the elements of spirituality must have never had Christian mystery books to read within their entire lives.

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Devotional Bibles - A Devoted Way to Christian Life

Among the contemporary bible version releases that have successfully redefined the ways of studying Christianity are devotional bibles.. Although, even if they have been popular to a lot of people, there are still who are quite clueless as to what these kinds of bible really are.

Devotional bibles are more complex in structure than the typical bible, although their context is much simpler. Aside from the traditional text from the bible, they have additional features that are intended to keep the learning both fun and undeniably engaging. For one, as their names already suggest, these devotional bibles have included devotions inside them. Different bibles offer different format and styles for their own devotional offerings. Additionally, most of these bibles have special bible verses that are chosen for users to apply in their daily lives. With this feature, users will not find it hard to connect the things they learn in the bible to their lives. These bibles are also equipped with "quizzes" as they leave questions for readers to ponder on after their study.

In the present, there have been so many selections of these devotional bibles for every person. Most of these varieties are targeted to specific members of the society. Let's take the NIV Men's Devotional Bible and NIV Women's Devotional Bible for example. They both the same New International Version (NIV) bible text, but the extensive offering of features they have are different. Their daily devotionals particularly are completely different, for the men's versions are devotionals for men while for the women's are devotionals for women.

And of course, there are devotional bibles for couples as well, as they also need the guidance to get their marriages better. And for the younger generations who would like to learn the bible, there are fun and very spunky devotional bibles for teenagers and kids as well. Parenting will also be much more God-inclined with devotionals for moms and dads. And then there are also sanctuary devotionals for the 'self-seeking' people who are not decided with where their faiths are leading them.

Every person all over the earth, there are bibles that are particularly made for their personal devotionals. Truth is, choosing the traditional or the new versions would not make a lot of difference. The only thing that would be of complete importance is the dedication you are willing to offer into following the path that God has set before you, the path of Christianity. Then again, if you want the option of being more personally attached to your studying ventures, then devotional bibles would be the best choice.

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Childrens Bible - Kids' Guide to Know God

The Bible has many forms and types, and among them is the childrens bible. Unlike the typical bible we are all familiar of, this kind of bible speaks directly to the young people. We all know the exact ways that most children think, and the plain format of the typical bible version will no doubt bore them. In most Christian homes particularly, the children are very much willing to learn the bible, but the raw state of their minds are a drawback for them. They definitely would not be able to grasp the context behind the words of the bible.

But this is not an excuse for us to not teach our children about the bible and about God. We all know that the most appropriate time to introduce religion and God to people is while they are young. There is a reason why the minds of children are always being described similar to sponges, because they take in whatever they get from their surroundings. And because their minds are very tender and open to nearly every single thing, they are free of any negative to affect their learning about God. but how can an individual teach the youth about the words of the Lord, without the use of the bible?

There is a perfect solution for such, the childrens bible.. As I have mentioned earlier, these bibles are specially constructed to meet the understanding of young ones. From their cover designs to the formatting of their contents, they are made "kiddie". They also have additional fun features that will surely keep kids actively interested. There are childerns bibles that also come with games. But of course, included are the bibles stories that all love. If you want, you can also avail of bible with graphics and illustrations. These pictures are what serve as visual aids for kids to understand the stories better. But above all, childrens bible are equally studded with the same ideals and lessons of the bible.

It is in no ones bearing to teach our children the things we know and believe in but us.. And it is about God and His ways that we should focus above everything else. Our children might be able to use some advice on school, on friends, and on money. But they would only use these advices on several occasions. It is the lesson in spirituality that they could take to guide them for every moment of their existence. So while you still have the chance to take advanatge of their young minds, start purchasing childrens bibles.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Amplified Bible - Understand the Bible More

The amplified bibles were the first bible released by The Lockman Foundation in a joint effort with The Zodervan Corporation. The main aim in producing these bibles was to translate the original Greek and Hebrew scriptures into the English language. But the methods of doing so were not actually as simple as they sounded. Prior to the amplified version, the bible has already been published in English using the traditional ways of language translation. The conventional process of word-by-word or even phrase-by-phrase conversion, as we might all know, poses the high likelihood of stripping the original texts from their real contexts and extensive meanings. In the case of the bible, the event of such circumstances had been feared to lessen the impact of its real insights. That is why a certain woman proposed to translate the bible using a more versatile form of transition.

This woman has the name Frances Siewert (Litt. B., B.D., M.A., Litt. D.). With the help of her strong faith and undying devotion to learn the words of God, she dedicated her time into studying the Bible thoroughly. She focused in understanding the archeological details and cultures of the Biblical period. She expanded her knowledge in both Hebrew and Greek languages. All of her hard work later on aided her in her aim to give the English bible the wider and more elaborate form of translation. Siewert's intentions and aspirations came to the attention of The Lockman Foundation. It was a non-profit foundation ran by Christian members that saw the potential and the sincerity in Siewart's goals. Lockman backed up Siewart with funding and other types of support that she needed. Soon before the bible was finished, the Zodervan publishing house joined them. And the very first amplified bibles were produced.

It was in Siewert's objective that this version of the bible was created, and is still produced. This version has kept its promise of providing wider and more broadened view of the bible. It perfectly suits the favor of those who wish to see the bible under a richer and vaster spectrum of interpretations that the traditional versions fail to offer. They may come a little too wordy and exaggerated to other people's liking, but these are the exact features that separate them from the rest. Amplified bibles do not only pass on the words that we have already heard over and over, they bring out the picture and color into our minds and our hearts.

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Study Bibles - What are Study Bibles

Study bibles are made to help people who have always wanted to examine the bible deeper, yet are being held back by their limited knowledge of certain biblical vocabularies and facts. Because the messages behind bible verses originally date back from the ancient period, most of the concepts and ideals included are incomprehensible to most of us modern readers. On the account of such concern, publishers of major Christian books have made it a point to help the public in their quest to get serious in learning the bible. Hence, aside from the conventional prints, new versions of the bible containing additional helpful features have been released.

Study bibles are specifically one of these versions that distinctly aim to assist and guide readers into understanding nearly every element in the bible text. They basically have two functions: one as a bible and another as a tool in dissecting the details of the bibles. Their common features include Book Introductions, Cross References, Concordance, Maps, Study Notes and the Topical Indexes.

The introductions familiarize the readers with the author, themes, and sometimes with brief outlines. These are helpful in the sense that they prepare the audience on what conditions to expect as they read along. In most cases, they even give essential background information. With cross references, the book shows a column next to a certain text that carries other passages patterned with the same idea. This feature allows the reader to focus and expand on a certain concept, which makes understanding that concept easier. In the case that one forgets the exact words of a bible text or verse, the concordance and indexes help in finding by using only a few key words. Maps are also found to be very accommodating as a lot of bible scriptures consist of narrations with detailing of geographical settings. With the visual aid of maps, readers will no longer have a hard time picturing a scenario or some circumstances. Study notes and commentaries are those added drafts to explain further vague concepts that readers encounter. Some examples of these are the usual footnotes.

Aside from such beneficial components of these bibles for studying, they also come in various presentations to suit personal preferences. Some examples are the materials used in the covers of the bibles, such as leather, hardbound and paperback. Although there are a lot of choices in the market, you are not obligated to choose the best one among them. Expect that all study bibles are equal in their intention to help, guide and support you in your way to learning the words of the Lord.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Student Bibles - Bibles for Teens

Although the bible in itself is universal and could be read by all ages, a good portion of the youth still prefers to use particular student bibles. As we all know, a lot of young readers are quite crucial in their choice of language and literary structure. In order to catch and hold their interest, their reading materials should be incorporated with enough elements of fun and excitement. That is why certain types of bibles that are primarily intended for the use of such audience had been meticulously patterned to have thrilling details.

Because the vast population of the youth is in the student category, these types of bibles have been named accordingly. They are mostly targeted to the adolescent age group, which includes both high school and college students. Unlike the conventional versions of the bible, student bibles are structured to cater to the distinct needs of the students. One highly praised feature of these types of bibles is its "adventurous" style of teaching, which is obviously very much adored by the young audience.

Among the famous published prints of such bibles could be found under the titles of New International Version (NIV), New American Bible (NAB), New Century Version (NCV) and God's Word. Each of which are specialized with features like study notes, simplified instructions, reading tools that help students to easily locate passages and lines, complete texts of the Bible in an expanded version that youngsters will surely understand, guides for each and every subject, and a lot of other improvements to assist readers. Take note, though, not all these features could be found in only one book. Each publishing house makes it a point to offer their own innovative twist on their books. And although you can trust that all bibles for students are surely to give cutting-edge efficacy, it would still be better to choose the best one out there.

We could not deny that the very deep verses and the ancient set-up of Biblical text sometimes set off young readers from pursuing their wanting to learn the bible. With the help of these bibles that are intentionally compiled for their use, they are not only stimulated to love learning the words of God, but they would also have fun in doing so. Student bibles are perfect for parents who want to encourage their children, and also for the individual members of the youth who has always been passionate to know God and His ways.

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Friday, May 28, 2010

Reference Bibles - Getting One for Yourself

Reference bibles are a specifically formatted type of bible targeted for those who are presently studying the text of the bible. As opposed to the original and typical version that we can to know, reference bibles are studded with additional features that are particularly designed to help guide readers in learning. In most bibles, for example, there are certain questions included at the end of every portion. These sets of questions are what serve as the mini-test that users can take in order to go back to the things that they have just recently learned and read.

Reference bibles have one common core; this is the original text from the Old and New Testaments of the King James Version. The features and certain twists that will be added on these bibles are then decided upon by the group of publishers and makers responsible for the release of such bibles. Let's take the popular Scofield Reference Bible, which was a proud produce of the Oxford University Press back in the early 1900s. It incorporates a cross-referencing section in every page, allowing users to be able to follow a series of theme-related biblical verses which are found in different pages. With this feature, users will be able to browse through the bible while focusing on a single lesson or message without necessarily getting lost. In addition, the Scofield version also has a running commentary for the entire bible.

On the other hand, there are also other versions, such as The Dake Annotated Reference Bible. This particular bible hands out additional notes for every single page by having a three-column format. And just like stated at the start, this version has questions placed at the end of every section. This book also has a wide array of extensive uses. For instance, it offers outlines texts and topics which can be used for sermons or simple group studies. And for readers who are looking for more "language" specific learning, this version has a reliable direct translation feature for Greek and Hebrew texts.

These are only two example of reference bibles, there are so much more available in the market and each of them also has their own line of variations as well. For every version released, you will still have to specify the type of format that you would like to acquire your reference bible. There digital formats such as audio, video and software-type bibles. There are also different covers and designs, such as large-print texts. Of course, different bibles have difference price tags as well. But regardless of their line of special features, you can be sure that all reference bibles are designed to be efficient in helping you understand God's words better. So, if I were you, I would opt for this type of bible rather than just stick to the typical version.

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